Dollar Tree Stores review

Anilise Starre

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4 Responses

  1. Sherry says:

    This is a very informative review that gives the perspective of the customer. I appreciate stores like this that help those less fortunate (or who want to be more frugal) to afford things they need and want. Personally, however, I do not like dollar stores as they do not offer healthy or eco-friendly options in any category, typically. I will pay more for better quality. 

    • admin says:

      Sherry you are correct that is typical. I did however notice this Dollar Tree had some healthy options in cosmetics, like the glycerine soap and some “all-natural bath bombs”. I did see some low-carb waffles in the cooler also.

  2. Faheem says:

    You sure are right about friendliness and safety also being important besides the products themselves. The products are the main cake, but without the finishing and toppings it’s going to lose marks. In general, I tend to stay away from these stores since I have this notion that the quality will be lacking, but if you got a dollarstore with decent items you can shop in, then great for you.

    • admin says:

      Faheem, yes and yes. They have so much stuff that makes sense: gift bags $1, books $1, hardware nails $1, pens and pencils. Maybe you will get a chance to stop by one.of their stores.  They in no way paid me for this review. I just like the $1 deals!

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