How To Negotiate With Furniture Store Associates

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4 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    I wish I would have come across this post six months ago when I was purchasing new furniture for my living room and bedroom. I will book mark the post for future reference. I am one of those that shy away from negotiation but I know I need to do it to save money. The one thing you brought up that must be done before you shop is make sure you are on the same page as your spouse otherwise you will undercut each other quickly especially if one of you really likes a piece of furniture that you are looking at.

    • admin says:

      Lee, yes even though every spouse doesn’t like to shop, it quickly becomes known what each spouse likes when it comes time to spend the money. I have found that when I practice in my mind what I am going to say to get a lower price, I normally get one and that is true. Thanks Lee!

  2. Alblue says:

    Thank you for these helpful suggestions. I am planning to buy some new furniture for my apartment, so I am absolutely bookmarking your article here for future reference. i never thought that listing cons and thinking about what I don’t need is actually more effective than thinking about what I need. 

    Oh, sometimes a furniture sales associate is a newbie that doesn’t have an ability to ‘counter’ our questions. In this case, do you think we should ask other available associates, or just simply walk away from that store to find other stores? Thank you

    • admin says:

      Alblue, that is a great question! Especially for someone like myself who shops all the time and is a big fan of customer service. When I am faced with a sales associate who does not have an answer, my response is very nicely, “Do you think someone else here may know? Could you ask for me please?”. 

      Most times they do go and find an answer.  I belive that if a customer asks a reasonable question, that customer deserves a reasonable answer. I have even had an associate tell me, “Hmmm..I’m glad you asked. I just found out something new.” We customers are important in more ways than bringing in revenue. Thanks!

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